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    Waiver for Salon and Spa Services | Canada


    Most spas and salons require clients to sign a waiver or release before they can use the facility's services. This Waiver Form for Canada is a standard form of waiver to protect against lawsuits.

    • Some spa and salon services can carry risks of skin damage or other health hazards. In the waiver, the client acknowledges the risks and accepts sole responsibility for having the procedure done.
    • The client must disclose to the esthetician any existing health conditions and any medications he or she is currently taking.
    • The client will indemnify the esthetician and the salon against any legal claims, damages, costs or expenses resulting from the treatments.
    • This waiver form is only for use in Canada and can be used in all provinces and territories except Quebec, where a French language version may be required.
    • This is a downloadable MS Word form which you can use over and over. Personalize it for your unique salon and make sure your staff knows how to use it.
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    Last Updated: 23-February-2022
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