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    Covenant Not to Sue


    Just because you settled a claim out of court does not mean the other party will not still pursue legal action against you. Protect yourself with this Covenant Not to Sue form. 

    • This form would be used when a settlement is reached between two parties through the payment of a cash amount in a damages claim for an accident, breach of contract, etc.
    • In return for the settlement amount being paid, the covenantor (person signing the covenant) agrees never to sue the covenantee with respect to the specific matter settled between them.
    • This Covenant extends only to the circumstance which gave rise to the claim, and the covenantor does not give up its rights to sue any other party with respect to the same circumstance.
    • The covenantor acknowledges that payment by the covenantee was made as a compromise and does not constitute an admission of liability on the part of the covenantee.
    • The Covenant Not to Sue form is available as a MS Word template. You can download the form immediately after purchase.
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    Last Updated: 02-May-2021
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