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    Daycare Center Policies and Practices Handbook


    Draw up a parent handbook for clients of your child care center with this Daycare Policies and Practices template. The handbook contains sections dealing with:

    • Discipline and behavior management procedures for older children.
    • Items to be supplied by parents and guardians.
    • Daily schedule, outings, after hours care, mealtimes, nap times.
    • Policies for picking up and dropping off children at the facility.
    • Security procedures, playground safety, fire drills, weather emergencies.
    • Hygiene, cleaning, laundry, diaper changes.
    • Medications, first aid, allergies, illness and health concerns.
    • Fees and charges, closures, termination, part-time and drop-in care.
    • Dispute resolution and custody issues.

    Once you've purchased the Policies and Practices Handbook, you can download and easily customize it to fit the character of your daycare facility.

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    Last Updated: 23-July-2021
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