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    Depiction Consent and Release with Reversion Clause


    Secure the exclusive perpetual worldwide rights to depict a person's likeness, voice, personal experiences and life story in a film and/or television program with this Depiction Consent and Release.

    • The producers agree to pay the person a specified amount when production commences on each project, and in the case of episodic television, a royalty for each episode.
    • The form contains a reversion clause which states that if production has not begun within a certain time period, all of the rights granted will revert back to the person.
    • The person releases the production company from any liability for claims, damages or legal actions for libel, defamation, copyright, invasion of privacy or any other right relating to the producer's use of the rights granted.
    • The Depiction Consent and Release form is ideal for documentary films or for biographical film projects.
    • This is a generic form which can be used anywhere.
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    Last Updated: 22-March-2021
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