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    Director Employment Agreement (non-union)


    Hire a director for a non-union motion picture production with this Director Employment Agreement.

    • This is a non-union contract but the parties intend the DGA credit rules to apply.
    • The director will furnish pre-production, production and post-production services as required for the film, including editing, reshoots and additional photography, soundtrack, etc. (subject to prior contractual commitments).
    • The director's compensation will consist of fixed flat fee compensation, plus deferred and contingent compensation.
    • The producer has the right to suspend or terminate the agreement if the director becomes incapacitated or is in default of his/her obligations.
    • If the producer becomes a DGA signatory, the Directors' Guild of America Basic Agreement will govern if there is a conflict between its terms and the terms of the Employment Agreement.

    You can tailor the non-union Director Employment Agreement for your specific needs, and use it as often as you like. Downloadable, affordable - perfect for modest film budgets!

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Director of Photography Deal Memo


    Write a deal memo for the director of photography on a film production with this customizable template. Terms of the Deal Memo include:

    • If additional photography is required after shooting wraps in order to complete production of the picture, the DP will be given the first opportunity to perform the additional work.
    • The DP will have final approval in the selection, hiring and termination of his/her crew, but the DP and the producer must mutually approve the grip, electric, and camera department.
    • The DP can request specific crew, but if they fail to work under the producer’s terms and conditions, the producer can terminate them at its discretion.
    • The Director of Photography's services will be considered a work made for hire and the producer will be considered the author and will have full ownership rights to the work.
    • The DP will be entitled to screen credit in the main titles or end titles (as applicable), as well as credit in paid advertising and one-sheet posters, whenever credit is accorded to the editor, production designer and costume designer.
    • The DP will have access to the finished picture on a master format when it becomes available.

    Buy a copy of this Director of Photography Deal Memo template and save hundreds in legal fees.