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    Director Employment Agreement (non-union)


    Hire a director for a non-union motion picture production with this Director Employment Agreement.

    • This is a non-union contract but the parties intend the DGA credit rules to apply.
    • The director will furnish pre-production, production and post-production services as required for the film, including editing, reshoots and additional photography, soundtrack, etc. (subject to prior contractual commitments).
    • The director's compensation will consist of fixed flat fee compensation, plus deferred and contingent compensation.
    • The producer has the right to suspend or terminate the agreement if the director becomes incapacitated or is in default of his/her obligations.
    • If the producer becomes a DGA signatory, the Directors' Guild of America Basic Agreement will govern if there is a conflict between its terms and the terms of the Employment Agreement.

    You can tailor the non-union Director Employment Agreement for your specific needs, and use it as often as you like. Downloadable, affordable - perfect for modest film budgets!

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Director of Photography Deal Memo


    Write a deal memo for the director of photography on a film production with this customizable template. Terms of the Deal Memo include:

    • If additional photography is required after shooting wraps in order to complete production of the picture, the DP will be given the first opportunity to perform the additional work.
    • The DP will have final approval in the selection, hiring and termination of his/her crew, but the DP and the producer must mutually approve the grip, electric, and camera department.
    • The DP can request specific crew, but if they fail to work under the producer’s terms and conditions, the producer can terminate them at its discretion.
    • The Director of Photography's services will be considered a work made for hire and the producer will be considered the author and will have full ownership rights to the work.
    • The DP will be entitled to screen credit in the main titles or end titles (as applicable), as well as credit in paid advertising and one-sheet posters, whenever credit is accorded to the editor, production designer and costume designer.
    • The DP will have access to the finished picture on a master format when it becomes available.

    Buy a copy of this Director of Photography Deal Memo template and save hundreds in legal fees.

    Film Producer Employment Contract


    Every filmmaker knows you can't make a movie without a producer. Hire one for your project with this downloadable Film Producer Employment Contract.

    • The producer will be responsible for supervising and assisting with different aspects of the film making, including cast auditions, location scouting, hiring crew, photography, editing, and post-production.
    • The producer will receive a weekly salary, as well as deferred compensation (in first position of all contingent deferments), and contingent compensation.
    • The production company will have complete control of the production of the film and will own all rights to the motion picture, including all intellectual property rights.
    • The producer agrees to assign to the production company all rights in any material that he/she may have been responsible for writing or creating.
    • The producer will be entitled to a producing credit on all prints of the film and in paid advertising.
    • The parties agree to submit any disputes to AFMA arbitration.

    Even if you're making a low-budget feature, you need to have your contracts in writing. The Film Producer Employment Contract can be tailored for each specific project and re-used again and again, which saves you money.

    Offer of Employment to Actor for Film Role


    Is there an actor you have in mind for a particular role in your next film project? Make an offer of employment to the actor through his/her agent with this downloadable offer letter template.

    The offer includes details about the project and the terms of employment, including:
    • the length of the shoot and the location(s) at which filming will take place,
    • the amount of the actor's salary for his/her work on the film,
    • amounts or percentages of deferred and contingent compensation,
    • credit provisions for both on-screen and advertising,
    • travel, accommodation, and per diem expenses.

    You can easily personalize each offer letter for every actor you're considering for roles. Download your copy of the Offer of Employment to Actor template and get the ball rolling.