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    Documentary Film Business Plan


    Raise the money you need to develop and shoot a feature-length documentary with this fully editable Documentary Film Business Plan template.

    The Plan can be used by either a start-up or an existing film production company. The purpose of the Plan is to entice private investors to fund the production costs.

    The Business Plan includes:
    • production plan,
    • distribution plan,
    • financial plan setting out the use of the proceeds, income projections, and a set of assumptions on which the projections are based,
    • instructions to help you pull your Business Plan together, and
    • a Confidentiality Agreement to protect against disclosure of your proprietary information.

    Impress would-be investors for your next documentary film with a well thought-out Business Plan. Download the template and start writing!

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Deferred Compensation Agreement for Film Production


    If you're a struggling filmmaker trying to make your movie on a shoestring budget, try the deferred compensation approach.

    • This Deferred Compensation Agreement is between the producer, investors and other stakeholders in the motion picture.
    • The Agreement outlines the cast, crew, budget, and production schedule of the film.
    • The Agreement breaks down how revenues received by the producer from the film will be applied: first, to payment of outstanding payables, secondly to repaying the investors, and then to the other principal stakeholders.

    A Deferred Compensation Agreement allows you to reduce your upfront costs during production of the film by deferring payment until the film is generating revenues.

    Video Production Contract


    Before you produce that video for your client, draw up an agreement for them to sign with this template Video Production Contract.

    • The contract contains alternate provisions with respect to the script, depending on whether the producer or the client will be providing the script.
    • The producer will supply all cast, crew, and production staff and equipment.
    • The client must approve the production budget before production begins. The client may increase, but not decrease, the amount of the approved budget.
    • The producer is responsible for all post-production, and will deliver the completed video to the client within a reasonable time after production is completed.
    • If the shooting goes over schedule or over budget, the producer will consult with the client to come up with a workable solution.
    • The producer's liability is limited to the amount actually paid by the client.

    You can use the Video Production Contract for musical artists, PSAs, educational videos, and all your other video clients. It's affordable and customizable.

    Co-Production Agreement for TV Series


    Prepare a Co-Production Agreement between two producers of a television series with this concise contract template.

    • One of the producers will be responsible for obtaining production financing for the series, and the other will provide administrative production services.
    • As compensation, the administrative producer will receive a percentage of all net profits from the series.
    • The financing partner will hold sole rights to the copyright of the television series. The administrative partner’s contribution of services will be considered a work made for hire.
    • The parties agree to submit any disputes to binding arbitration in accordance with AFMA rules.

    Clarify each producer's rights and responsibilities in writing with the Co-Production Agreement for TV Series.

    Film Project Joint Venture Agreement


    Set up a joint venture to develop and produce an original motion picture with this Film Project Joint Venture Agreement template.

    • Ownership of all property, assets and intangibles such as rights in the screenplay, the picture, merchandising, and publishing rights will be held by the joint venture.
    • The joint venturers will contribute capital and services to the joint venture as required to complete the project.
    • Net profits or losses generated by the motion picture will be allocated among the joint venturers in proportion to their capital contributions. Tax credits and deductions will be allocated equally.
    • The joint venturers will have equal control and authority over all decisions and matters concerning the joint venture and the development and production of the film project.
    • Each of the joint venturers are entitled to a screen credit as producers of the film.
    • The joint venturers will not be required to devote their time exclusively to the film project, provided that they devote as much time as is required to fulfill their obligations to the joint venture.
    • Upon the death, incapacity or disability of a joint venturer, then (subject to tax consequences) the joint venture will continue as a limited partnership with the successor-in-interest of the deceased or disabled joint venturer as a limited partner. The limited partner will not be entitled to vote or participate in partnership business, but must give consent to the disposition of the joint venture’s property.

    You can easily tailor this Film Project Joint Venture Agreement to fit your unique circumstances. Buy and download the digital template, use it as often as you require.

    Film Producer Employment Contract


    Every filmmaker knows you can't make a movie without a producer. Hire one for your project with this downloadable Film Producer Employment Contract.

    • The producer will be responsible for supervising and assisting with different aspects of the film making, including cast auditions, location scouting, hiring crew, photography, editing, and post-production.
    • The producer will receive a weekly salary, as well as deferred compensation (in first position of all contingent deferments), and contingent compensation.
    • The production company will have complete control of the production of the film and will own all rights to the motion picture, including all intellectual property rights.
    • The producer agrees to assign to the production company all rights in any material that he/she may have been responsible for writing or creating.
    • The producer will be entitled to a producing credit on all prints of the film and in paid advertising.
    • The parties agree to submit any disputes to AFMA arbitration.

    Even if you're making a low-budget feature, you need to have your contracts in writing. The Film Producer Employment Contract can be tailored for each specific project and re-used again and again, which saves you money.