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    Film Clip License


    If you want to use a clip from an existing film in a new film project, you'll need to get permission from the owner of the footage with this Film Clip License.

    • The licensor (owner of the film clip) grants the producer a non-exclusive license to use the clip in connection with the production of the motion picture, but not for promotional purposes.
    • The producer will still have to obtain the consent of any performers who appear in the film clip, as well as consents from the applicable unions and guilds.
    • The producer must obtain any necessary broadcast licenses if there is any music contained in the film clip.
    • The licensor will be accorded a screen credit in the motion picture, and provided with a complementary copy of the motion picture.
    • The producer is not obligated to use the film clip.

    Get all your clearances in order before you use the material. You can start with this Film Clip License form. It's a generic template that can be used on all kinds of productions, even live stage shows.

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    Last Updated: 03-April-2021
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