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    Film Production Safety Guidelines


    Safety rules are essential on a film shoot. Prepare a set of Production Safety Guidelines with this easy-to-use template, and pass it around to everyone at your regular safety meetings.

    • These guidelines are not suggestions - they are mandatory, and must be followed by all cast and crew during filming, whether on location or in the studio.
    • The Guidelines cover:
      • ways to prevent injury and illness on set;
      • safety rules that must be strictly followed;
      • reporting violations or hazards;
      • safety meetings and records of meetings;
      • disciplinary action for violations;
      • how to prepare injury / illness reports;
      • responsibility of employees for safety of themselves and others.
    • Failure to educate your employees and contractors about proper safety measures could leave you liable in the event of death or injury.
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    Last Updated: 01-September-2022
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