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    Finder's Fee Agreement for Sales Leads


    Retain an agent to track down leads for you with this template Finder's Fee Agreement for Sales Leads.

    • The Agreement is between a client looking for sales leads and an agent who will introduce the client to potential customers who have expressed an interest in products or services that the client provides.
    • The agent will be paid a finder's fee calculated as a percentage of total sales resulting from a sales lead for a specified period of time following the introduction by the agent.
    • If a sales lead is for a customer that the client already deals with, the client must provide the agent with evidence of that relationship within a certain number of days after receiving the sales lead.
    • Each party agrees not to disclose any of the other party's confidential and proprietary business information.

    The Finder's Fee Agreement for Sales Leads is a re-usable digital template. Easy to customize for your business.

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    USA Security Guard Services Agreement


    Use this customizable template to draw up a contract to provide security guards to your clients.

    • The security guard's services include regular patrols of the premises and parking areas, preparing daily shift reports, reporting all accidents and incidents.
    • The security company is responsible for hiring, training, supervising, equipping and outfitting all of its guards.
    • Security guards must be fluent in spoken and written English, have a valid driver's license and be a citizen of the United States and legally able to work in the country in accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act.
    • The security company is responsible for paying any sales and use taxes to suppliers for materials it requires to fulfill its obligations, and for paying its own taxes, payroll taxes, remittances and benefits.
    • The security company will carry adequate general liability, automobile liability and worker's compensation insurance.
    • The security company will obtain a fidelity bond up to $10,000 for each officer assigned to the client.
    • The client is responsible for security in any areas that are off limits to security personnel.

    A security firm needs a good service contract. Download yours today - buy it once, use it as often as you need to.