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    Finder's Fee Agreement for Sales Leads


    Retain an agent to track down leads for you with this template Finder's Fee Agreement for Sales Leads.

    • The Agreement is between a client looking for sales leads and an agent who will introduce the client to potential customers who have expressed an interest in products or services that the client provides.
    • The agent will be paid a finder's fee calculated as a percentage of total sales resulting from a sales lead for a specified period of time following the introduction by the agent.
    • If a sales lead is for a customer that the client already deals with, the client must provide the agent with evidence of that relationship within a certain number of days after receiving the sales lead.
    • Each party agrees not to disclose any of the other party's confidential and proprietary business information.
    • The Finder's Fee Agreement for Sales Leads is a re-usable digital template. Easy to customize for your business.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 08-February-2021
    SKU: 7596
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    PowerPoint Presentation Template


    Design your next business presentation with this professional Microsoft PowerPoint template. The slide background features a radar screen for a retro-modern feel.

    The PowerPoint presentation contains three slide templates, which are fully editable to fit your needs:
    • presentation title slide;
    • main body slide with heading, topic heading and bullet point styles;
    • video slide.
    Design Details
    Main color - blue
    Accent color - grey
    Background - binary numbers