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    George Washington Last Will and Testament


    Download this free file to read the Last Will & Testament of George Washington (1732-1799).

    • George Washington was an American general and commander in chief of the colonial armies in the American Revolution (1775-83) and first president of the United States.
    • Dissatisfied with the Articles of Confederation, he presided over the Philadelphia Convention that drafted the United States Constitution in 1787.
    • Washington became President of the United States in 1789 and established many of the customs and usages of the new government's executive department.
    • Washington is seen as a symbol of the United States and republicanism in practice. His devotion to civic virtue made him an exemplary figure among early American politicians.
    • When Washington died in 1799, in his funeral oration, Henry Lee said that of all Americans, he was "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."
    • Washington has been consistently ranked by scholars as one of the greatest U.S. Presidents.

    The foregoing biographical material quoted from

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