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    Henry VIII Last Will and Testament


    Read a portion of the Last Will of Henry VIII Tudor (1491-1547), King of England, Ireland and France.

    Henry VIII was a significant figure in the history of the English monarchy. Besides his six marriages, he is more popularly known for his role in the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, and establishing himself as the Supreme Head of the Church of England. He changed religious ceremonies and rituals and suppressed the monasteries, while remaining a fervent believer in core Catholic theological teachings, even after his excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church.

    Henry was, by all accounts, an attractive and charismatic man, educated and accomplished, who ruled with absolute power. His overwhelming desire to provide England with a male heir led to the two things that Henry is remembered for today: his six wives, and the English Reformation that made England a Protestant nation. His public image is lustful, egotistical, deceitful, opinionated, and insecure, and his vast wasteful luxuries and useless wars depleted the treasury.

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