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    Letter of Intent for Offshore Joint Venture


    This Letter of Intent summaries negotiations between participants in an offshore joint venture who plan to set up a foreign corporation in the target country.

    • The new foreign corporation will be formed solely for the purpose of the joint venture business.
    • Each of the joint venturers will hold shares in the new corporation.
    • Each of the co-venturers will contribute certain assets and take on responsibilities, such as arranging financing for the joint venture.
    • The parties will bear their own respective expenses.
    • If a binding formal agreement is not signed by the drop-dead date, the parties can terminate the negotiations without liability.
    • Available in MS Word format. Customizable and reusable.
    • This is a generic letter of intent template that can be used in many jurisdictions.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 12-May-2022
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