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    Manitoba General Enduring Power of Attorney


    Appoint someone you trust to handle your financial affairs with this Manitoba General Enduring Power of Attorney, under the Powers of Attorney Act.

    • Everyone should make a Power of Attorney. It's an essential part of your estate planning.
    • The person you appoint as your attorney will have the power and authority to handle your money, assets and property.
    • The Power of Attorney does NOT grant your attorney the authority to make medical or personal life style decisions for you.
    • The form includes:
      • Affidavit of Execution for the witness,
      • Homesteads Act consent form,
      • notes and instructions to help you understand and complete your Power of Attorney.
    • This General Enduring Power of Attorney form is for use in the Province of Manitoba, Canada.

    A Power of Attorney can give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what, your financial affairs will be looked after. Get the form and make your Power of Attorney today.

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    Last Updated: 12-May-2020
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