Michigan Partial Conditional Waiver of Lien


Sec. 570.1115(3) of the Michigan Construction Lien Act requires a lien claimant to provide a property owner with a partial waiver of lien whenever a progress payment is received for work done or materials supplied.

  • If you've received a check for a payment that hasn't yet cleared, download this Partial Conditional Waiver of Lien form, fill it in, and give it to the owner or designee.
  • This is the statutory form as set out in § 570.115.9(b) of the Act.
  • The waiver will only be effective once the contractor actually receives the payment, i.e. when the check has cleared the owner's bank.
  • This template is for partial payments only, not for final payment.

The Michigan Partial Conditional Waiver of Lien form is a reusable digital template. Once you've purchased the form, you can use it over and over. Get yours today.

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