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    New Brunswick Notice of Lien


    NB contractors, give notice of your lien interest in a property by serving the appropriate parties with this New Brunswick Notice of Lien.

    The Notice sets out:

    • the address of the property which is subject to the lien,
    • the work or services done or to be done to the property,
    • the amount due to the contractor by the property owner.

    Download the New Brunswick Notice of Lien form, and you'll receive both the English and French versions in one file.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 11-May-2021
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    New Brunswick Claim for Lien


    New Brunswick contractors, protect your lien rights by registering this Claim for Lien for labour or materials you have provided for improvements to a property.

    • The Lien Claim is made in accordance with S. 20(3) of the Mechanics' Lien Act.
    • The form sets out a description of the property, a list of the work done or materials furnished, and the amount being claimed.
    • The form also contains an Affidavit Verifying Claim form for an individual and for multi-party claims.
    • The template contains both the English and French versions.
    • You also get a copy of the applicable section of the Act which sets out the procedure for filing a lien claim.

    Don't let your lien rights lapse. Get the New Brunswick Claim for Lien form and file it today.