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    Ontario Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Between Equal Partners


    Create a Unanimous Shareholders Agreement for an Ontario corporation owned by equal partners with this comprehensive template, which includes:

    • a mechanism to avoid deadlock in voting;
    • conditions governing shareholder loans;
    • future financing from profits and ⁄ or third party lenders;
    • terms of employment and termination of employees who are shareholders;
    • benefits for disability;
    • company buy-back of shares on death;
    • shareholder inventions become property of company;
    • arbitration procedure and special rules for disputes over fair market value of shares;
    • remaining shareholder's right of first refusal to purchase departing partner's interest.

    This Ontario Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Between Equal Partners is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 25-February-2021
    SKU: 4948
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    Canada Shareholder Agreement Checklist


    Discover the legal and practical issues you need to consider when entering into a shareholder agreement with this Shareholder Agreement Checklist for Canadian companies.

    Topics in the Checklist include:
    • how to avoid misunderstandings between shareholders;
    • distribution of profits;
    • decision-making;
    • exit strategies;
    • employee shareholders;
    • default by a shareholder;
    • disability or death;
    • loss of shareholder control.
    This Canada Shareholder Agreement Checklist is available as a MS Word download.