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    Petty Cash Expense Report for Film or TV Production


    Create petty cash reports for each department of a movie or TV production with this template Petty Cash Expense Report.

    • The report tracks all petty cash payments made during the reporting period, and the reason for each disbursement.
    • Space is provided to balance the receipts and cash on hand with the amount of the advance.
    • The form can either be filled in on a computer, or printed out and completed by hand.

    The Petty Cash Expense Report template is an affordable downloadable form that can help you keep your production office costs on budget.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 21-January-2021
    SKU: 7422
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    Actor & Character Personal Props List


    Create a Personal Props List for each actor in a film or television production with this easy-to-use template form.

    • The props list allows the Props Department to track personal props by actor and/or character.
    • The tracking list helps to ensure that all the items are on set before filming each scene.
    • This is a MS Word template which can be filled in electronically or printed out in blank and filled in by hand.

    Don't take a chance on losing or misplacing important props. Keep track of everything with this Actor and Character Personal Props List.

    Film Location Contact List


    Film Crew Contact Sheets


    Make up your contact sheets for the cast and crew of a film or TV production with these downloadable forms.

    • The file contains two templates, one to be used for cast and one for crew members.
    • Fill in each contact sheet with the names of everyone involved in the filming, their phone, cell and pager numbers and emails at which they can be reached.
    • This is a reusable digital template which can be filled in on a PC or laptop, or printed off in blank form and filled in by hand.

    The Film Crew Contact Sheets are affordable and easy to use - get your copy now.