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    Pope Paul VI Last Will and Testament


    Download a free copy of the Last Will & Testament of Pope Paul VI (1897-1978).

    • Born Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini, Pope Paul VI reigned as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and Sovereign of Vatican City from 1963 to 1978.
    • He succeeded Pope John XXIII, who had convened the Second Vatican Council, and Pope Paul decided to continue it. He took on the name Paul, to indicate a renewed worldwide mission to spread the message of Christ.
    • Pope Paul fostered improved ecumenical relations with Orthodox, Anglicans and Protestants. His positions on birth control and other issues were controversial in the Western world, but applauded in Eastern and Southern Europe and Latin America.
    • His pontificate took place during sometimes revolutionary changes in the world, student revolts, the Vietnam War and other upheavals. Paul VI tried to understand it all but at the same time defend the Deposit of Faith as it was entrusted to him.
    • Pope Paul VI died on 6 August 1978, the Feast of the Transfiguration. The diocesan process for beatification Paul VI began on 11 May 1993.


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