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    Product Purchase Agreement


    Draw up a Product Purchase Agreement between a customer and supplier with this downloadable template.

    • Customer is responsible for paying all shipping, insurance, taxes, import duties, and other charges.
    • Supplier retains title to the products until the invoices are paid in full.
    • Supplier will transfer any transferable product warranties to Customer.
    • Customer indemnifies Supplier against any claims or actions with respect to the use of the products.
    • Mutual confidentiality provisions to protect each party's proprietary information.
    • Customer agrees to comply with all export and import control laws.
    • This template is a generic (not country-specific) legal contract.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 10-September-2022
    SKU: 7605
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    USA Sale of Goods Contract


    Buy and sell trade goods under the provisions of this Sale of Goods Contract for the United States.

    • The seller has the right to terminate the contract if the buyer's account goes into arrears.
    • The template contains a procedure for acceptance of goods by the buyer.
    • Late charges and interest will be charged on overdue payments.
    • The seller gives the buyer a warranty with respect to the condition of the goods.
    • The buyer is responsible for paying taxes and other levies.
    • The seller may delay performance or cancel the contract in the event of force majeure circumstances beyond its control.

    The USA Sale of Goods Contract is a digital template that is easy to customize. Download yours today.

    Deferred Payment Agreement