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    Release of Rights in Vehicle Accident Claim


    Did you know that if you have an auto accident and your insurance company negotiates a settlement with the other party, they may still have the right to take legal action against you? Protect yourself with this Release and Reservation of Rights form.

    • You should get this release signed at the same time that the insurer pays out the settlement to the other party.
    • The releasing party acknowledges that they are accepting the settlement payment as a full settlement of all claims.
    • The releasing party releases and indemnifies you and your insurance company from any further claims, damages, and actions arising out of the automobile accident.
    • The releasing party reserves their right to make a claim against any other person.
    • The Release and Reservation of Rights form is available as a MS Word download. Other formats available on request.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 11-April-2018
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