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    Social Media Workplace Policy


    Adopt a workplace policy governing the use of social media by your staff with this downloadable Social Media Workplace Policy Statement.

    • The Policy Statement covers content, posts and comments made to any social media or content sharing site, including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, blogs, forums and similar sites and networks.
    • The Policy outlines a set of guidelines that employees, management, consultants and contractors need to follow with respect to their contributions and posts to these sites.
    • The Policy also clarifies the consequences if an employee fails to comply with the Policy.
    • This is a downloadable and fully editable MS Word file.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 23-July-2021
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    Cell Phone Use, Messaging and Texting Policy Statement


    Employers, establish a clear policy regarding employee use of cell phones, instant messaging and texting with this Policy Statement template.

    The Policy Statement addresses:
    • employee use of company phones for personal reasons,
    • personal use of cell phones during work hours,
    • limitations on use of communications devices in company-owned vehicles, and in an employee’s personal vehicle,
    • instant messaging and texting.
    This Cell Phone Use, Messaging and Texting Policy Statement is provided in MS Word format and is fully editable to meet your business needs.

    Television Performer Employment Contract


    Use this Television Performer Employment Contract to hire actors and musicians for a TV series or program.

    • The term of employment is for a specified period of time, which can be extended if both parties agree in writing.
    • The performer will be paid a regular salary (the payment period in the template is weekly).
    • The producer will supply transportation, meals and accommodation for any required location shooting.
    • The producer has the right to suspend production if the performer fails, refuses or is unable to perform, or if the performer materially breaches the agreement, or if circumstances beyond the producer's control hamper production.
    • The performer must maintain membership in good standing in his or her appropriate guild ⁄ union during the term of employment.

    Standard form contracts save you time and money, so it makes sense to download the Television Performer Employment Contract and add it to your contract portfolio.

    Substance Abuse Policy


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