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    Trust Agreement for Land


    Prepare a Trust Agreement for Land with this downloadable template form.

    • The agreement is between a trustee corporation and a party that wants to purchase the land.
    • The trustee corporation agrees to hold the land as bare trustee on behalf of the purchaser, which will be the beneficial owner.
    • This is a generic legal form which does not contain references to any specific statutes.
    • The Trust Agreement for Land is fully customizable to meet your requirements.
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    Last Updated: 15-May-2021
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    Alberta Trust and Indemnification Agreement for Land


    Draw up a Trust Agreement for land in Alberta with this downloadable template.

    • The Agreement is made in respect of land which will be registered in the name of the trustee as bare trustee, to be held in trust on behalf of another party who is the beneficial owner.
    • The parties will each pay their separate debts, except for expenses already incurred, which will be paid by the owner.
    • The parties will keep each other indemnified against claims arising with respect to the land.
    • The trustee has the power to lease or mortgage the land, with the consent of the owner.

    The Alberta Trust and Indemnification Agreement for Land template is available as a fully editable Microsoft Word document.

    Illinois Land Trust Agreement


    Draw up a Land Trust Agreement for land in Illinois with this downloadable template.

    • A land trust is a method of real estate ownership in which a trustee holds legal title to the real estate.
    • The trust's beneficiaries have full power to dispose of the property and complete control over its management.
    • The beneficiaries' rights and powers pass to their executors upon their death, and do not form part of their estate.
    • The beneficiaries have the right to revoke, alter or amend the trust agreement on written notice to the trustee.
    • The beneficiaries are responsible for filing tax reports and paying all real estate taxes and charges on the property.

    You can customize the Illinois Land Trust Agreement template to perfectly suit your particular circumstances.