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    Non-Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement | UK


    Appoint a sales agent to sell your products within specified territories in the UK with this Non-Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement.

    • The sales representative is being retained as an agent, and is not an employee, partner or joint venturer, and is not authorised to act on behalf of the supplier except as specifically set out in the Agreement.
    • On termination of the agreement, there will be a run-off period for a further specified number of days, during which any pending sales initiated by the sales agent will be concluded.
    • The sales agent will earn commissions at different rates for prepaid sales, sales on credit, and sales on which the supplier allows a discount.
    • The sales agent agrees not to sell products to customers outside the territory. All outside leads must be referred to the supplier.
    • The sales agent agrees not to handle any competing products within the territory.
    • The supplier will not sell products directly to customers within the territory, and will refer all such inquiries to the sales agent.
    • The UK Non-Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement was updated in 2011 to reflect changes to English laws.
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    Last Updated: 26-March-2021
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