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    UK Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement


    Hire out yachts, sailboats or other pleasure craft in the UK with this Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement.

    • This template is for a skippered charter, and the operator will supply the services of a qualified vessel master.
    • The skipper will be in complete control of the navigation and responsible for the safety of the vessel and her guests and crew.
    • The master also has the authority to terminate the charter if the party does not abide by the operator's rules regarding use of the vessel.
    • Any loss or damage to the vessel, furnishings, equipment or fittings will be charged against the charterer's security deposit.
    • The charterer's party shall not do anything which might vitiate the operator's insurance on the vessel.
    • The charter is responsible for paying all running expenses and provisions for the skipper, and the replacement cost of any consumables that have not been replaced at the time of redelivery of the vessel.
    • Provisions for cancellation or withdrawal from the Agreement for instances where the charterer is (i) a natural person, or (ii) not a natural person.
    • This legal template can be used throughout the United Kingdom.

    The UK Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement is a downloadable MS Word template.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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