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    Software Escrow Agreement | UK


    Place source code in escrow with this Software Escrow Agreement template for UK software developers.

    • The Escrow Agreement is pursuant to software licence and maintenance agreements between the developer (licensor) and a customer (licensee) who requires uninterrupted availability of the source code as an essential element of its business.
    • The licensor will deposit the source code, documentation and related materials with the escrow agent following development, and will deposit upgrades to the software each time modifications are made.
    • The escrow agent will hold the materials in escrow until such time as it is instructed to release them in accordance with the agreement.
    • If the escrow agent's fees are not paid, the agent has the right to terminate the agreement and destroy the escrowed materials.
    • The escrow agent incurs no liability under the agreement except for wilful misconduct or gross negligence.
    • The agreement includes a deposit form to be used by the licensor each time materials are deposited into escrow.
    • This Escrow Agreement template is governed by English law.
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    Last Updated: 02-December-2021
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