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    Computer System Implementation Agreement | USA


    IT service providers, prepare a Computer System Implementation Agreement with this template form for the USA.

    • Scope of Agreement. The contract covers the customer's purchase of computer hardware, licensing of system and applications software, maintenance and support services, installation of hardware and software, and implementation of the system.
    • Site Preparation. The customer is responsible for site preparation prior to the installation.
    • Installation and Testing. The supplier is responsible for installation, configuration, data conversion and functionality testing of the system.
    • Risk of Loss. All risk of loss remains with the supplier until the equipment has been delivered to the customer's site.
    • Primary Contractor. The supplier will act as primary contractor and assume responsibility for all components of the system.
    • Governing Law. The contract is governed by United States. laws.
    • Available in MS Word format.
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    Last Updated: 24-July-2023
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