USA Finder's Fee Agreement for Identifying Potential Financings


Hire an agent to find potential investors or purchasers with this Finder's Fee Agreement for US based businesses.

  • The parties to the Agreement are (i) a company looking for a source of financial backing and (ii) an agent who will introduce the company to potential investors or acquirers to complete a financing with the company.
  • The definition of a financing includes acquisition or disposition of an interest in the company, equity investment, loans or other credit transactions, or acquisition by a publicly traded company.
  • The agent will receive a finder's fee for each financing consummated by the company. The finder's fee will be paid in cash from the proceeds of the financing.
  • If the financing is completed in several stages, the agent will be paid in portions corresponding to the stages of payments.
  • The client will indemnify the agent against any claims arising as a result of material misrepresentation by the client of any of its corporate information.

Download the Finder's Fee Agreement and hire a professional to identify financing opportunities for your company.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016