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    USA Multistate Adjustable Rate Mortgage Rider


    This free Adjustable Rate Rider (1 Year Treasury Index - Rate Caps) is used to adjust the interest rate and monthly payments under the mortgage note.

    • Once it's been signed, the Rider will form part of the mortgage, deed of trust or security deed.
    • The borrower agrees that the interest rate may change once in each 12-month period.
    • The new rate will be based on a weekly average yield on US Treasury securities adjusted over a 1-year maturity.
    • The interest rate will not increase or decrease more than the percentage amount stated in the Rider.
    • This Rider is for mortgages on single-family homes.
    Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Form 3108 USA Multistate Adjustable Rate Mortgage Rider is a free MS Word download from
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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