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    Promissory Note, Settlement Agreement and Guaranty | USA


    Settle a past debt and get a promise for payment with this downloadable USA Promissory Note, Settlement Agreement and Personal Guaranty.

    • This legal document is really three documents in one:
      • Under the promissory note section, one party promises to pay the other party a settlement amount by making a series of payments. The date and amount of each payment are set out in a table.
      • Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, the two parties set out their respective claims for amounts owed by one to the other for invoices, set-offs, etc.
      • Under the Personal Guaranty, a guarantor guarantees payment of the settlement amount. The guaranty is reduced against the guarantor with each payment made under the Settlement Agreement.
    • The agreement is governed by the laws of the United States and is intended for use only within the USA.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 07-December-2023
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    USA Revolving Loan Promissory Note


    This customizable Promissory Note is signed by a borrower in connection with a Revolving Loan Agreement for credit facilities.

    • The Note is secured by a Security Agreement.
    • The entire loan amount plus interest becomes payable if an event of default occurs.
    • The prevailing party in a legal action is entitled to costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees.
    • The Note can be used throughout the United States.

    Download the USA Revolving Loan Promissory Note form for your credit officers.