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    Vehicle Rental Contract for Private Rentals


    Lease your vehicle to another person with this downloadable Vehicle Rental Contract for a private vehicle.

    • This agreement is only for private rentals, not for car leasing companies.
    • Under this contract, you can lease your vehicle by the day, week or month.
    • The renter is responsible for safe and lawful operation of vehicle at all times.
    • No secondary drivers are allowed unless first approved by the vehicle owner.
    • The renter indemnifies the owner for any damage to or by the vehicle except if the damage is due to a problem with the vehicle not caused by the renter.
    • The refundable deposit will be applied to repairs if necessary.
    • The renter must pay the cost of all gas and fluids during the term of the contract.
    • This is a generic legal contract which is not specific to any state, province or country.
    • Available in MS Word format and easy to edit and customize.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 30-October-2023
    SKU: 4409