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    Vital Knowledge for Canadian Retirement Planning

    Are you ready for retirement? Do you know the 10 most common errors of retirement planning among Canadians? Vital Knowledge for Your Retirement Planning, by Lyle Manery, BA, CLU, CHFC, walks you through the process starting with your first investment decision.
    • Gain knowledge of the many issues which affect your financial future so you can make wise decisions.
    • Estate creation, conservation and distribution are all integral parts of the retirement planning process. These are all covered in this book.
    • Learn about the concepts and programs available in Canada that should be considered when making these important decisions.
    • This guide reflects Canadian tax laws and is intended for Canadian residents.
    Vital Knowledge for Your Retirement Planning is a 65-page e-book. Available in PDF format so it can be downloaded into Kindle, Sony Reader or other e-readers.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy


    Learn the Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy with this 8-page article written by an expert business lawyer.

    • The aim of the article is to help small business owner-managers prepare a succession plan to ensure that their businesses continue to thrive after their departure.
    • These top 10 tips can help you put together a successful exit strategy that not only addresses your personal needs, but is also in the best interests of the business.
    • The author is an Ontario lawyer whose main focus is small businesses.

    Download a copy of Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy and start planning yours.

    Employee Manual Template

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    Office Policy Manual