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    0 Writing a Consulting Contract - A List of the Essential Parts

    If your business hires outside consultants, it's worth your while to learn how a consulting contract is structured. And if you're a consultant yourself, you'll want to know how to prepare your own agreements with clients to cut down on your legal fees.

    writing a contract

    While people often assume you need to have an attorney draw up your contracts, if you acquaint yourself with the various provisions that are included as standard elements in a consulting agreement, you should be able to confidently draft your o...

    0 What's the Difference Between an Agent and a Manager?

    Band managers take on many responsibilities - promoter, business and financial advisor, negotiator, accountant, publicist, agent, chauffeur, image consultant - depending on the needs of the artist. The role of the manager is to develop, guide and promote the career of the artist. That entails building connections within the industry with concert promoters, record company execs, and others who are in a position to help the artist move up the ladder of success.

    0 Can notaries and commissioners be held legally liable?

    If you are a non-lawyer notary public or commissioner for oaths, you may have concerns about your exposure for liability when taking an oath, affirmation or declaration.

    0 What is the difference between a notary public and a commissioner for oaths?

    Here in Canada (unlike in the United States), an affidavit or declaration can often be sworn or declared in front of either a commissioner for oaths or a notary public. But it is often not clear to most people what the difference is between the two official positions. Let's examine each of the offices.

    0 9 Secrets to Hiring a Good Contractor

    When searching for a contractor to do new construction or renovations and improvements to an existing home, there are some key considerations to keep in mind to help you find a reputable company that will do quality work.

    0 10 Tough Questions to Ask Before Retaining a Business Lawyer

    Every business needs competent legal counsel. The bigger the business, and the more widespread the business' interests are, the more complex the legal issues will be. Failure to cover all the legal bases of a transaction at the outset can result in dire and costly consequences.

    0 Is It Legal Advice or Isn't It? Staying on the Right Side of the Fine Line

    Our customer support team regularly fields questions from our customers about legal matters. While we do backgrounds as legal assistants, we're not lawyers and cannot practice law or give legal advice. But on an almost daily basis, customers ask us for answers or opinions which may or may not fall under the definition of legal advice. So what can we do? And how do we know whether it is or it isn't?

    2 How to Become a Commissioner for Oaths in Canada

    When working in a law firm you are often called upon to take an affidavit or declaration of a client, so most law firms - especially small ones - maintain commissioner appointments for a number of their support staff. This article discusses the authority of commissioners, requirements for becoming one, and where to apply.

    0 Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Business Accounting

    TODAY'S GUEST POST: Every business owner wants their company to be organised and well run and have a good reputation. Businesses are too often let down by poorly run accounts that unfortunately cause a ricochet effect of integral information and reporting not being as readily available as it should be. Hiring an accountancy practice is an extremely cost-effective way of running the non-core activities within your business, avoiding all unnecessary anarchy.

    0 What's Your Reputation Worth?

    Defamation is defined as an intentional false communication either published or spoken publicly, that injures another's reputation or good name, or diminishes the esteem, respect, goodwill, or confidence in which the person is held. Defamation is an actionable wrong, meaning it can be sued on by the party who is defamed.