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    Alberta Vertical Amalgamation Forms


    Prepare the documents required for a short form vertical amalgamation in the Province of Alberta with this package of template forms.

    A vertical amalgamation is one in which a parent corporation merges with a wholly-owned subsidiary, following which all of the shares in the subsidiary company are owned by the parent corporation. This package of forms contains:

    1. Amalgamation Agreement
    2. Statutory Declaration re solvency required under the Alberta Business Corporations Act
    3. Corporate resolutions for each of the amalgamating companies
    4. Draft Articles of Amalgamation to be attached as a schedule to the resolutions.

    The Alberta Short Form Vertical Amalgamation Forms Package has all the forms you need in one downloadable file. Buy, download, fill in the forms, and print for signature.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 25-February-2021
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