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    Guarantee Deed and Indemnity | Australia


    Lenders in Australia can ensure the repayment of a corporate loan by having a principal of the corporate borrower execute this Guarantee Deed and Indemnity.

    • A director, officer, or shareholder guarantees that he/she will repay the company's debt in the event that the company is unable to clear the debt on its own.
    • The guarantor also indemnifies the lender with respect to any part of the indebtedness that cannot be recovered from the guarantor.
    • This is a continuing guarantee which will remain in effect until all of the borrower's indebtedness to the lender has been paid in full.
    • This is a fully editable legal form that can be used anywhere throughout Australia.
    • For security purposes, every loan to a corporate entity should include a personal guarantee. You can download this form for your credit office immediately after purchase.
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    Last Updated: 17-October-2022
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