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    Checklist for Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement | Canada


    Learn how to prepare a Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement with this checklist for Canadian companies.

    • What would happen to your business if one of the owners dies or is no longer able to work? A Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement provides for continuity of the business in those events. Topics included in the Checklist are:
      • qualification of shares for capital gains exemption;
      • provisions of any existing formal shareholder agreement;
      • terms of purchase or redemption (or both) of a deceased shareholder's shares using proceeds of life insurance policies on the life of the deceased;
      • whether life insurance policies will be held by the corporation, by the other shareholders or by a trustee.
    • This is a fully editable legal form in MS Word format which can be customized to fit your circumstances.
    • Governed by Canadian tax laws and ntended to be used only in Canada.
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    Last Updated: 18-February-2022
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