Canada Promissory Note for Interest-Free Loan


Sometimes when you lend money, you may decide not to charge interest. But you still need to get a promise from the borrower to repay the loan. Get the borrower to sign this Demand Promissory Note for principal only.

  • This form is only for use in Canada. It can be used in any province or territory except Québec.
  • This type of Promissory Note is most commonly used when the loan is between two persons who have a close relationship, such as family members.
  • Because no interest is being charged on the loan, the borrower is only required to pay back the principal amount of the loan.

The Demand Promissory Note for an interest-free loan is a digital download that is easy to use. Buy the form, download, print, fill in the details and sign.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016
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Secure the repayment of a loan made in Canada with this Promissory Note for Interest Only.

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  • The principal may be repaid at any time without a penalty (fee) being charged.
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