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    Corporate Resolutions Repurchasing Shares for Cancellation


    Prepare corporate resolutions to authorize a corporation to repurchase and cancel shares from a shareholder with this easy-to-use template.

    • The shareholders consent to the repurchase and the directors authorize the transaction and set the share purchase price.
    • The file includes a Certificate of Corporate Officer certifying that the corporation is financially able to repurchase the shares and pay its debts.
    • The Corporate Resolutions Repurchasing Shares for Cancellation do not contain specific references to federal or state / provincial laws and can be used in many jurisdictions.
    • The form is available as a MS Word download and easy to fill in or customize where required.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 17-November-2017
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    Share Repurchase (Buy-Back) Agreement


    Use this downloadable Share Repurchase (Buy-Back) Agreement to transfer shares from a shareholder back to the corporation.

    • The Agreement is secured by a promissory note, and the template includes a sample form of promissory note.
    • The corporation will cancel the shares after buying them back.
    • The vendor represents that the shares are free of encumbrances and security interests against them.
    • Both parties agree to take all actions necessary to complete the transaction.
    • The Share Repurchase Agreement allows the corporation to reduce the number of outstanding shares and retain share value.

    If your company is planning to repurchase some of its shares, this Share Repurchase Agreement is a good place to start. Download a copy now.

    Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy


    Learn the Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy with this 8-page article written by an expert business lawyer.

    • The aim of the article is to help small business owner-managers prepare a succession plan to ensure that their businesses continue to thrive after their departure.
    • These top 10 tips can help you put together a successful exit strategy that not only addresses your personal needs, but is also in the best interests of the business.
    • The author is an Ontario lawyer whose main focus is small businesses.

    Download a copy of Top 10 Tips to a Winning Exit Strategy and start planning yours.

    Employee Manual Template

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