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    Executor Fee Agreement


    Arrange for the executor of your estate to be paid for their services with this Executor Fee Agreement.

    • The purpose of the Agreement is to ensure that the person you name in your Will to act as executor of your estate is fairly compensated by setting out the amount of the fee and how it will be paid.
    • This is a generic legal document which is not specific to any country or region.
    • The template is fully editable to fit your circumstances.
    • This Executor Fee Agreement template is available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 09-March-2021
    SKU: 4203
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    Will Clause Providing Compensation to Executor


    This free optional Will Clause directs that compensation be paid to the executor under a compensation agreement signed during the testator's lifetime.

    Download the digital file or just copy and paste the following text.

    I DECLARE AND DIRECT that my Executor _______________________ shall be entitled to receive and shall be paid out of my estate as compensation for acting as Executor and Trustee of and under this my Will the fees, reimbursements and other compensation provided for in the Compensation Agreement between _______________________ and me signed on the ____ day of ________, ________ and prior to the execution of this my Will.