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    Extras Breakdown Sheet for Film Production


    Do an extras breakdown for or TV production with this downloadable form.

    • The breakdown sheet can be extended for as many shooting days as are on the schedule.
    • The breakdown tracks how many and what type of extras and background are required for each script page.
    • This is a digital form that can be filled in on a laptop or tablet or used as a pre-printed sheet to be completed by hand.
    • Get a copy of the Extras Breakdown Sheet for your casting director.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 05-August-2021
    SKU: 6476
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    Film Production Shooting Schedule


    Indie filmmakers can track their daily shooting schedule with this downloadable template for film and television productions, which breaks down each day's shooting by:

    • scene numbers, day/night, interior/exterior, location and action shot,
    • page numbers and total pages shot,
    • cast, extras, animals,
    • props, set dressing, special equipment, vehicles,
    • sound, camera, additional labor,
    • costumes, makeup,
    • visual and special effects,
    • video and music playback.

    You've got a limited production budget? No problem. The Film Production Shooting Schedule form is priced so low, it fits any budget. Just buy it and download it.