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    Film Location Fire Safety Inspection Checklist


    Before shooting begins, have the location manager complete this Film Location Fire Safety Inspection Checklist.

    The inspection should be conducted to ensure maximum protection of all cast and crew and to reduce the production company's liability for loss or damage claims. Use the checklist to record information about:
    • permits required,
    • access, exits and fire lanes,
    • designated parking areas,
    • special effects requiring pyrotechnics,
    • any flammable materials to be used on site,
    • welding, cutting and grinding,
    • electrical and lighting,
    • smoking restrictions,
    • firefighting materials and fire safety measures to be employed.

    Don't take chances with the lives of your cast and crew. Get a copy of the Film Location Fire Safety Inspection Checklist for your location department.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Film Location Agreement


    Sign a contract with a property owner to use their home or land as a location in a motion picture with this Film Location Agreement.

    • The owner of the property will permit the production company to use the property in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising and promotion of the film, in return for a per diem fee.
    • The owner may also receive a screen credit, at the producer's discretion.
    • The owner agrees that the production company may make alterations to the location as required, provided that they first obtain the owner's written permission.
    • The owner indemnifies the production company and releases them from any liability, claims or demands.

    The Film Location Agreement template is fully customizable so it can be used on multiple locations and on subsequent film projects.