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    Independent Contractor Agreement for Technology Development


    Hire an independent contractor to develop technology products with this Independent Contractor Agreement template.

    • Parties. The Agreement is between a tech developer and an investor who will fund the development project to create new tech products and bring them to the marketplace.
    • Assignment of Rights. In exchange for the funding of the project, the developer will assign all of its rights in any commercially viable products to the investor.
    • Royalties. The developer will be paid a royalty for each viable product.
    • Reporting. The developer must provide the investor with regular status reports on all developments.
    • Term of Engagement. This is a month-to-month contract, but can be modified to provide for a fixed term.
    • Governing Law. This is a generic legal contract which does not contain references to the laws of any specific country or jurisdiction.
    • How to Get the Form. The Independent Contractor Agreement for Technology Development is available as a MS Word template which can be downloaded immediately after purchase. The document can be modified and re-used as often as you require.
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    Last Updated: 20-December-2017
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    Business Alliance Agreement | Canada


    Establish a strategic alliance between two companies involved in similar or related businesses with this template Business Alliance Agreement for companies operating in Canada.

    • Both parties agree to cooperate in identifying prospective customers, representing products and providing technical support to customers.
    • Each party will be treated as the general contractor for projects in which it proposes the goods and services of the other party.
    • Either party may terminate the agreement on proper notice to the other party.
    • Each party shall be liable only to the extent of its respective interest.
    • Each party shall treat all information received from the other party as confidential.
    • The parties agree to arbitration in the event of a dispute.
    This Canada Business Alliance Agreement template is completely customizable to fit your business needs.