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    Location Permission and Release Form for Film or TV


    Get permission from a property owner to use their site as a location in a film or TV production with this template Location Permission and Release form.

    • The property owner gives the production company permission to use the property as a film location and releases the producers from future claims for loss or damage.
    • The production company can use the location for filming for the period of time specified in the Release.
    • The property owner consents to letting the production company bring in the necessary equipment and personnel to complete the shooting.
    • Never ever film on private property without getting consent. That's why you need this Location Permission and Release Form for your movie or TV production.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 11-March-2022
    SKU: 4543
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    Consent of Parent or Guardian for Minor to Enter into Contract


    Hire a minor child for a film production by having the adult responsible for the child sign this Consent of Parent or Guardian form.

    • The adult consents to having the child enter into the contract.
    • The adult also guarantees the performance of the child's obligations under the terms of the agreement.
    • The adult releases to the child all compensation payable to the child under the contract, and the parent will have no right to any money earned by the child under the contract.

    The Consent of Parent or Guardian for Minor to Enter into Contract is necessary if you're signing an underage actor for a part in your production. Make sure to get it signed before filming his/her scenes.

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