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    Ontario Employment Agreement for CEO Position


    Hire someone to act as Chief Executive Officer of an Ontario business with this Employment Agreement for CEO Position.

    • Term. The employment will be for a fixed term with a renewal option.
    • Expectations. The employee will bring leadership, marketing and management skills, business experience and a high level of integrity and professionalism to the position.
    • Compensation. Compensation will be reviewed regularly and adjusted to match industry standards.
    • Stock Options. The employee will receive stock options in addition to base salary.
    • Termination. If the contract is terminated early, the company can repurchase a portion of the option stock, depending on the length of the employee's term with the company.

    This Ontario Employment Agreement for CEO Position template is provided MS Word format and is totally editable to meet your specific needs.

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    Last Updated: 05-October-2017
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