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    Ontario Independent Contractor Agreement


    Cut your costs by hiring a job candidate as an independent contractor rather than an employee under this Independent Contractor Agreement for Ontario employers.

    • Taxes and Remittances. The independent contractor is responsible for remitting his/her own income tax, HST, and other taxes and remittances.
    • Contract Not Exclusive. The relationship between the parties is not exclusive. The contractor may perform similar services for other clients, and the employer may retain other contractors to provide the same or similar services.
    • Expenses. The contractor will pay all of his/her own expenses, including transportation and meal expenses.
    • Profits. The contractor bears his/her own risk of profit and loss with respect to the services performed.
    • Confidentiality. The contractor agrees not to disclose or use any confidential information of the employer.
    • Business Protection. The file includes a Business Protection Agreement with nondisclosure, non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, to be signed by the contractor prior to commencing work.
    • Scope of Law. This Independent Contractor Agreement refers to specific labour laws of the Province of Ontario.
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    Last Updated: 15-December-2017
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    Employee Manual Template

    $39.99 $46.99

    Office Policy Manual


    Office managers can prepare a concise Office Policy Manual for their workplace with this ready-made template which includes sections on many topics, such as:

    • working environment,
    • proper business conduct,
    • how the company deals with problems with an employee's performance of the job,
    • holiday and vacation time,
    • benefits package,
    • harassment,
    • pay scales,
    • incident reporting procedures,
    • on-the-job training and educational assistance.

    Every workplace should have a Policy Manual for its employees and managers to follow. You can download the template immediately after purchase.