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    Ontario Security Agreement for Shareholder Loan


    Secure repayment of a loan from a shareholder to a corporation with this Ontario Security Agreement for Shareholder Loan.

    • The corporation (as borrower) grants the secured party (a trustee for the shareholders) a security interest over the borrower's corporate assets, in order to secure its current or future indebtedness to its shareholders for shareholder advances, stock dividends or other obligations.
    • The secured party holds the security interest in trust for the shareholders and may release all or part of the secured collateral as it sees fit.
    • The borrower is restricted from selling, transferring, leasing or otherwise disposing of any of the collateral forming the security.
    • This legal agreement template is available as a fully editable Microsoft Word document.
    • Intended for use only in the Province of Ontario, Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 05-October-2021
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