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    Directors Resolution to Designate Bank (USA)


    Designate the bank for a USA corporation with this template Directors Resolution.

    • The Board of Directors resolves that the bank named in the Resolution will act as the corporation's banker.
    • The Board authorizes the signing officers to sign and deliver all documents that the bank may require in order to open accounts and carry on the banking arrangements.
    • You can download the free MS Word template, or just copy and paste the text of the Resolution below.

    RESOLUTIONS OF THE DIRECTORS OF _____________________________ (the "Corporation")

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the ____________ (insert full name and address of bank) (the "Bank") is hereby appointed as the Corporation's banker and that the Bank's form of banking resolution, wherein the President or Secretary are authorized as signing officers to draw upon the credit of the Corporation, is hereby adopted;

    AND THAT the President or Secretary are hereby authorized and instructed to execute and deliver such standard forms and agreements as may be required to enable the Corporation to open an account or accounts with the Bank and to carry on its banking arrangements with the Bank and that a duplicate of each such banking resolution, form and agreement be placed in the minute book of the Corporation.

    The undersigned being all of the directors of the Corporation, hereby adopt the foregoing resolutions this _____ day of ______________, 20____.

    Signature of Director

    Signature of Director

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    Last Updated: 09-March-2018
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