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    Utah Declaration of Homestead (Permanent Structure)


    Protect your home against sale or seizure to satisfy your creditors by filing this Declaration of Homestead for the State of Utah.

    • Utah Code §78B-5-503 entitles you to a homestead exemption of up to $20,000 of the value of your primary personal residence. That increases to $40,000 if the property is jointly owned.
    • Even if your property is sold by a bankruptcy trustee or a creditor, you will be entitled to receive a certain amount of the sale proceeds.
    • This form is for a dwelling that is a permanent structure on the land, and can be applied to the land surrounding it up to a maximum of one acre.
    • You must live in the property in order to claim it as a homestead.
    • A homestead exemption can also be claimed on property that is not the principal residence of the owner, but only to a maximum of $5,000. For jointly owned properties, the total exemption cannot exceed $10,000.
    • After the document is signed, it must be filed with the County Recorder's Office for the county in which the home is located.
    • The exemption does not apply to tax debts, any mortgages or charges already registered on the property, child support judgments, or consensual liens (such as mortgages or deeds of trust).
    • Intended to be used only in the State of Utah.
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    Last Updated: 08-March-2022
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