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    Forms Package to Organize For-Profit Corporation | USA


    Organize a newly incorporated for-profit corporation with this Organizational Forms Package for the USA. This package contains the following forms, which must be kept in the corporation's minute book:

    1. By-laws of the corporation.
    2. Subscription form for shares of stock.
    3. Minutes of the first meeting of directors and shareholders following the incorporation.
    4. Consent to Act form which must be signed by each director and officer before they can be appointed.
    5. Resignation form to be signed by the first director / incorporator.
    6. Indemnity of Director, by which the corporation indemnifies each director against any costs or damages incurred as a result of his/her acting as a director.
    7. Register of directors and managers.
    8. Stock issuance and transfer register.
    9. Capitalization summary.
    10. Ledgers containing details of all common stock, stock options and warrants issued and outstanding.

    Every for-profit corporation in the United States must keep its constating documents and up-to-date corporate records in its minute book. You can download all of the forms you need in one package at one low price.

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    Last Updated: 02-July-2018
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