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    British Columbia Joint Venture Agreement


    Set up a business joint venture in British Columbia with this template Joint Venture Agreement.

    • One of the joint venturers will be responsible for management of the joint venture, and will be paid a management fee for providing such services.
    • No joint venturer may transfer its interest without the consent of the other joint venturers, except in the death of a joint venturer, when his/her interest will automatically pass to their spouse or children.
    • Each joint venturer has a right of first refusal and piggyback rights on the interest of the other parties, in the event of a sale or transfer.
    • Any joint venturer may exercise a shot-gun (buy-sell) provision with respect to the interest of another joint venturer.
    This British Columbia Joint Venture Agreement is available as a downloadable Microsoft Word file which is fully editable to meet your needs.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    USA Joint Venture Agreement


    Set up a joint venture between two or more companies in the United States with this Joint Venture Agreement template.

    • The Agreement does not set up a partnership between the parties.
    • The template contains provisions for management by a managing co-venturer, or joint management by all the parties.
    • The co-venturers may have interests in other businesses outside of the joint venture. The template includes an optional non-competition provision.
    • The co-venturers indemnify each other against liability.

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