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    Shareholder Meeting Forms to Fill Vacancy on Board | Canada


    When a Board member resigns in between annual meetings, a special shareholder meeting is held to appoint a successor. Download this package of forms to prepare for that meeting.

    • This package includes the forms required for the shareholders of a Canadian corporation to accept the resignation of a departing director and appoint a successor to fill the resulting vacancy on the board:
      • Notice of Special Shareholders Meeting: The Notice must be sent to each of the corporation's shareholders who are entitled to attend the special meeting, in accordance with the notice requirements set out in the company's bylaws and the applicable provincial laws;
      • Template set of Minutes of Meeting, which can be filled in after the conclusion of the meeting.
    • You can use this package of forms for federal corporations as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and any other province or territory that has enacted a Business Corporations Act.
    • The documents are provided in MS Word format and can be used as often as required.
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    Last Updated: 27-June-2018
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